Nancy Packes Data Services

Overview of the Nancy Packes Data Services Pipeline and Transactions Databases

The Pipeline Database

The Pipeline Database was launched in 2015. It includes everything residential, with 4 or more units planned (not yet in DOB) and under construction (in DOB) in the five boroughs of New York City. From its launch, it has been licensed by most major New Development Brokerage Companies (we white label it for them).

It consists of approximately 60 fields as filters to create searches from macro to micro, Location to unit type, to year to market.

The Pipeline also contains the ACRIS history of transfers for each entry, enabling a calculation of average cost of land for a given of building features.

Each entry also contains zoning and contact information and links to articles published about each entry over the past five years.

Display from the NPDS Pipeline Database

Below, please find a display of 15 of the approximately 65 filters in the NPDS Pipeline Database. The report displayed is a search for buildings expected to come to the market over the next four years in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The search resulted in 48 projects.


The Transactions Database

The Transactions Database launched in 2018. It is licensed by a large number of the most prominent companies in residential development in the City. Like the Pipeline Database, it includes everything residential, with 4 or more units in the five boroughs of New York City. It contains available, leased, in contract and sold transactions for rentals, coops and condominiums. The filters range from the macro of geography, or individual buildings, age and size of building and year to market and attended status to the micro of unit ranges such as rent, square feet, price per square foot and floor location.

The special and unique data properties of the Transactions Database are accurate reporting of gross and net rents and the concession associated with each transaction; the contract dates and prices for all New Development Condominiums over the past 5 years (an ongoing process) and more than 179.000 condominium transactions for units that were never listed in any public database and for which the information is unavailable anywhere else (an ongoing process.

The information can be filtered for a given time period or over time to see trend changes.

Display from the NPDS Transactions Database

Below, please find the search screen of the NPDS Transactions Database, with all the mandatory and optional search filters. The search below was for Manhattan attended rental buildings and available and leased data for the year 2022.



Below, please find the summary page of the report showing average values by unit type. The second section of the report, not displayed here, shows all buildings in the report and the data for each. The third section of the report shows all the listings in the set.



Both Databases are completely exportable to excel. Searches can be saved, and the user updated when search content changes.